How to install and launch the portable version of the AreaTester app for AutoCAD


The portable version of the AreaTester application does not require a standard installation procedure. In addition, the deployment of the portable version does not require the user to have administrator rights and can be done in any folder on the hard drive.

To get started, you need to download package of the portable version of the app from the Download Section.

Application files

This package contains 11 application files specially compiled to run in different versions of AutoCAD. For more information about the compliance of the application files with the AutoCAD version, see the Table 1 below:

App file File bitness AutoCAD version
AreaTester19X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2013
AutoCAD 2014
AreaTester19X86.arx 32 bit
AreaTester20X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2015
AutoCAD 2016
AreaTester20X86.arx 32 bit
AreaTester21X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2017
AreaTester21X86.arx 32 bit
AreaTester22X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2018
AreaTester22X86.arx 32 bit
AreaTester23X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2019
AutoCAD 2020
AreaTester23X86.arx 32 bit
AreaTester24X64.arx 64 bit AutoCAD 2021
AutoCAD 2022
AutoCAD 2023
Table 1
Correspondence table for application files of AutoCAD version

Configuration file

The AreaTester.cfg configuration file contains application configuration data. This file should always be placed in the same folder as the application files.

Installing the app

Unzip all the files in this package to any non-write-protected folder on your computer. No other steps are required to install the application files.

Loading the app

  • Start AutoCAD.
  • After AutoCAD starts, type _APPLOAD at the command prompt.
  • In the dialog box that appears, specify the full path to the application file from the unzipped package. The application file selected in this window must match the version of your AutoCAD (see Table 1 above).

Select the appropriate file to load the AreaTester app
Fig. 1
Select the appropriate file to load the AreaTester app.

  • Click the Load button (see Fig. 2):

Click the "Load" button to load selected app file
Fig. 2
Click the Load button to load selected app file

  • After that, you may see a dialog box asking you to confirm your action. In the specified window, click the Always Load button (see Fig. 3):

Click the "Always Load" button
Fig. 3
To confirm your action сlick the Always Load button

  • If you specified the correct file to load the app, you will see a message that the application was successfully loaded (see Fig. 4):

Application load dialog box
Fig. 4
The AreaTester application was successfully loaded.

  • Close the application load dialog box.

Launching the app

You can now launch the AreaTester application in AutoCAD. To do this, at the command line, enter the _AREATESTER command or the short _ATST command.